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Expansion as a Transformation Tool

Expansion as a Transformation Tool

Welcome to today’s Monday Messages from the Akash, channeled by Holly for all of you. Expansion as a Transformation Tool “Look for, consider, open to what is expansive in every moment, thought, choice, decision and experience. What choice feels expansive? What energy feels expansive? What idea feels expansive? Expanding awareness means you are growing, opening

Enjoy more “Harmonious” in your Life

How to shift yourself to more Harmonious Experiences Channeled Message from the High Council of Orion   We wish to thank you for following us and being a part of our lives. Holly and I are so honored to share these teachings with you from the High Council of Orion. Please click on the video

Annual Holiday Sale Happening Now!

  It’s time for our Annual Holiday Sale! Every holiday season we love to give back to all of you by dropping our prices so you can stock up and gift these sessions and experiences to all your loved ones, including yourself. What’s on sale? Akashic Record Readings Universal Sphere® Sessions 111® Activation Tree of

2016, Numerology & the Akashic Records

Are you into numerology? I am a bit, perhaps enough to be “dangerous”! LOL! What I do know is that this year, 2016, is a “9” year in numerology, which means a year of “completion”. This means what we might see issues, concerns, woundings, and the like from our past coming back to be revisited

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