Best Family Experiences this Holiday Season

The Best Family Experiences this Holiday Season!


During this holiday time of year, between Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays of Christmas & Hanukkah, we often immerse ourselves into our families once again, especially the families we were born into. We plan trips, consider gifts, get together, spend more time with one another and are generally steeped more in the energy of “family”, heritage, and lineage than other times of the year.


For some this is a good time of year, perhaps even the best time of year, with renewed visits and reconnecting with the deep roots of our origins. We can feel “at home” again in familiar settings, with great food, company and in the warm embrace of familial energies.


And for some, these family relationships can bring up a great deal of uncomfortable emotion, frustration, sadness, hurt, disappointment and grief. All of the unresolved dross of our earlier years can create an environment of dread and avoidance for all the family get-togethers and increased requirement to interact with one another once again, reigniting old feelings & patterns of behaviors that leave you feeling as if you have become a child once again when you step back into your family dynamics.


The Akashic Records is an ideal way to shift this energy pattern for you. And, it happens from your greatest place of strength = YOU! As you all are aware, all of these patterns, which seem as if they are behavior patterns, are actually energetic patterns.

Let’s Change the Energy Pattern!

4 Steps to Accelerate Change before your next family gathering!

  1. First Step: One of the very first things you can do, which is very potent, is to take all the emotions off the others and see it as an energy pattern first that then shows up in the behavior in the people involved. You can do this step in or out of your Akashic Records, but it does allow an immediate relief at the most basic level when you begin to see it more simply as energy.…and you already know you can shift energies when you are in the Akashic Records.
  2. Second Step: Open your Akashic Records and do one of my all-time favorite things to do: Tell your story. It is SO powerful I will never stop speaking about this.
    Here’s how you do this one:
    Once you are in your Akashic Records begin telling the holiday stories (I am sure you have a lot!) of all the frustrating things about your family members, especially the ones you will be seeing over the holidays! What has happened at past holiday get-togethers that you have not gotten over? Talk about it to your Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones (MTLO’s). Share your point of view. Express how you felt, how often it happens. Have you been “bad” in your behavior as well? Talk about that.
    Talk. About. All. Of. It.
    Be. Real. Be. Honest. Be. Raw.When you feel done close your records. Do not look for answers, solutions, or reasons. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Close your records.Do this story telling experience as many times as you need to over several days and see if the energies begin to shift for you.

    How do you know the energy is shifting?
    You might have new points of view come in, see how you could behave, react or interact differently. You might be shown the situation from their point of view or see how they have been impacted by these ongoing experiences. You may see how these interactions (read this as “energies”) play out in other areas of your life. You may also see how it might not be as big of a deal as you have thought over the years.This experience begins to shift, or “rearrange”, the energies and take some of the charge out of it and replace it with calmness, clarity, feeling more centered, or even feeling ready to be in the same situation with greater understanding, compassion or even standing up for yourself.
  3. Third Step: Once you have done this one or more times you can go into your Akashic Records and begin to ask some questions.
    [Remember this is “All About YOU!” in your records. You won’t get very far if you are asking any questions to find out why the others in your family are so messed up, not understanding, critical, judgmental or anything else you might feel about them.]

    1. Open your Akashic Records and allow yourself to settle in first. Then, briefly share with your MTLO’s that you would like to shift the energies or have a new perspective on the upcoming holiday get-togethers and interactions to make them more enjoyable, happy, fun, or even simply peaceful. Tell a bit of the overall story. For this experience you don’t need to do all the detail. You did that before.
    2. Here are some great questions that can springboard you into a new place.
      1. How have I been growing through these family challenges? How has this been supporting me in ways I am not aware of at this time?
      2. Show me how I can be with my family and remain ______________________ (peaceful, calm, happy, engaged, supportive…you put in whatever would feel best for you when you are with your family)?
      3. What can I do to improve my attitude and expectations when I am with my family?
      4. Is it possible for me to see how everyone is doing their best, no matter what my opinion is about all of it?
      5. Is it possible to see how I have been doing my best, even if I have felt _______________________ (unhappy, frustrated, hurt…once again, fill this in with whatever you feel)?
      6. Is there something else that I could know or understand that would help at this time?
      7. Is there an alternative way to be in the holiday season this year that will bring me the _______________________ (peace, ease, understanding, etc.) that I desire?
  4. Fourth Step: One of the final suggestions is this… [It is a biggie. So much so that I have given it it’s own number in my list!!!]
    1. In your Akashic Records, asking the support from your MTLO’s, begin to consider if you can be with or around your family just as they are, even if nothing changes.
    2. Can you be in a place of choice in being with your family in spite of all the drama, chaos, upset, or whatever you have experienced in the past?
    3. Can you see that your desire to be there is greater than how activated you, or anyone else, might feel?
    4. Can you see that your desire to reconnect transcends your need for joy, peace, happiness or even respect?
    5. Can you let everyone off the hook for their imperfect behavior because that is just who you all are in your family, messy or not?


Here is my caveat to all of this….please be patient. Give this time. This may be magical for you and forklift all the drama out of the way in one fell swoop. It may be a process. But, please remember that these are patterns that are in a whole group of people, not just you. These patterns may have pre-dated your birth with other generations in your family. They may have been brought with you from other lifetimes for some really good reasons. You could do a lot of digging into this to really understand and shift the pattern.

But for now, for this holiday season, try this out. Try it more than once. Keep at it. Choose the questions that resonate most with you.

Extra Bonus:

Here is one more golden nugget to help create great change for you. The goodness in this experience does not come from the answers you receive, but it really and truly begins with the questions. Yes, I did say that, the questions. Not the answers. So, sit in your records, ask the questions, allow for the information and the energy to show up. If you don’t feel clear on the information, trust the energy. Trust that the questions are opening you up to something new because of your willingness and openness to ask.
Sometimes the shift in the energy is noticed or realized when you are out of your records, living your life. You may not recognize it all in the moment of the reading. Trust.

So ask the questions and allow the energies to show up. Please refrain from judgment around what you feel is a “good enough” answer with tons detailed information. This takes TRUST. Try it out and see what happens.

I hope you all have the best holiday season ever because you have reworked and shifted the energies!

I would all love to hear how this supports you in a better holiday season. Please share in the comments below.

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