Are You the Pinball Wizard of Your Life?

The Wild Game of Pinball

Remember the old-fashioned pinball games?  Lights flashing, sounds popping, buzzers buzzing, numbers racing by, and the little silver metal balls bouncing around, seemingly randomly, as you wildly push the buttons on the sides of the machine hoping to keep them moving for as long as possible, racking up as many points as possible! It is a wild and wooly experience that can leave you exhilarated or defeated depending upon the outcome of your score.

Is Your Life like a Pinball Game?

Ever feel your life is like a pinball game…or more specifically, do you feel like the little silver ball within the pinball game getting thrown around?  Are circumstances and events jostling you around from one thing to the next, seemingly randomly, leaving you feeling as if you have little control over your movements, decisions, and the outcomes?

Getting the “Cheats” to Win Your Pinball Game

The clarity and guidance from your Akashic Records give you the playbook, or the
“cheats,” for the pinball game of your life! Look at the areas of your life in which you feel most as if you are being thrown around in the pinball game.  Would it be work relationships, like a supervisor who seems to target you for any failings in the department? Could it be in your personal relationships where your friendships seem unstable or inconsistent?  Do you have yo-yo issues with your health or your weight? You can come up with a list, no doubt, that reflect the challenges in your life that throw you around.

Be the Exhilarated Winner of Your Life

In your Akashic Records you can get a better understanding of the issues in your life, the reasons they are there, the place and time they originated, and come to understand the “good” in them for your long-term development.  Time in your Akashic Records can assist you in releasing these patterns so that you can make more empowered choices and free yourself from the pinball experiences of life.  You get to learn how your game works so you can feel like the exhilarated winner of your life!

Become a Pinball Wizard!

If you are ready to become a Pinball Wizard and master the game of your life, contact me for a reading.  It is 45 minutes of your life that can make a big difference!
Akashic Record Readings can be done in person, over the phone, or via Skype so there is no limitation to your ability to access this “play book” of wisdom in your life.

For more information about Akashic Record Readings.
To schedule your Akashic Record Reading, please contact me @: or phone me @ 1(760) 803-4297

(Shout out to Elton John & his song “Pinball Wizard” which I heard playing in my head as I wrote this blog!)

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