Archangel Raphael

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
February 2012

Recently, I was called to channel and sat down to tune in and feel the presence of those who wished to speak. I had my usual guides show up and I also felt the presence of another being who had not yet identified him/herself. As soon as I wondered who the other being was, I heard him say that his name was Raphael.

I would like to share Archangel Raphael’s message with you:

“I am the Angel Raphael and I am here to bring in the green light of healing and wholeness to your world at this point in time. I would like to speak with you tonight about healing and working with the energetic beings, especially the angels, to bring about the necessary changes, allow for them to occur smoothly, and to feel supported and not alone in the transition on your planet at this time.

We are asking you to breathe, fill your lungs and feel the fullness of who you are. As you breathe in and feel the expansion in your lungs, the rising of your chest, and the release that comes with the exhale, you are tuning in to the core of who you are.

Many people ask about how to connect with their guides, their angels and their higher source of wisdom and we say it is as easy as breathing! It is something you do each and every day, countless times…and, literally, it is countless since you are rarely consciously aware of your breathing as you move throughout your day.

So now, as a way to connect with your inner guidance, or your higher guidance, we ask that you consciously breathe and allow. Breathe and allow. So the breathing part is simple in that you do it all the time. This time we would like you to breathe and allow yourself to connect to your core essence. With each in-breath you feel your lungs expand and fill and then follow that energetic flow into the space of your energetic heart. As you exhale, feel the flow of energy continue to flow and expand into your heart and just feel and allow. No expectations, no forcing anything, just allowing yourself to connect with the sensation, whatever it is. Continue to consciously breathe in and allow the flow of air and, therefore, energy to flow into the energetic spaces of your heart, your heart chakra, the heart center of your being. Allow the entirety of your attention and soft focus (focus without efforting) to be on your heart and allow and feel the energetic space of your heart grow and expand to fill the space within your chest cavity. Allow it to grow and expand to fill your body as it is in its physical form. Allow it to move out beyond your physical body to the space around your physical body just like a warm soft cloud of essence. Now, sit and feel this connection, feel the essence of who you are and from this place of connection to your Self, feel and observe. Keep your breathing soft and relaxed and gentle. If your mind wanders and goes to other matters, then just focus it back to the heart center and feel the warm glow of your essence.

Now that you have connected with your core essence, imagine a pillar of light coming into and out of your crown. Reaching out into the cosmos, the galaxies, and ask for your inner guidance to come forth to assist you at this time. Ask for your angels, your guides, your teachers or whomever feels “right” or appropriate to call forth at this time.

Now, without expectation of your angels, guides, or teachers to be anyone in particular, and fully coming from a place of your knowingness that it is your Divine Birthright to access the portal of knowledge, support and understanding that exists outside of the realm of your 5 sensory 3rd dimensional life, ask for the healing, the guidance, the understanding to each and every one of your concerns or questions.

When you ask, allow any information to flow forward, allow anything to come to mind without editing it and without judging it in any way, shape or form. Receive all information knowing that it comes from the higher wisdom that is freely accessible to you now at this time. Allow the information to flow forward to you and allow it to unfold in its perfect timing.

As you are learning to connect and reach out in this way, as you are learning to develop this form of communication, be patient with yourself and allow yourself a learning curve. Just like learning any new skill or talent, it often takes practice to master it so allow yourself the opportunity to learn and master without judgment. Look at yourself as you would a young child who is learning a new skill such as riding a bicycle. At first they might need training wheels, then they might graduate from using their training wheels to a place of being wobbly and perhaps even falling down. Eventually, with practice that young child will learn to ride a bike well. If you were the adult or parent in this situation you would be encouraging, positive, and supportive as your young child learned to ride a bike. Never would you chastise them, or be hard on them for not being perfect the very first time out on a bike! Be as loving, positive, supportive and gentle with yourself as you learn to connect to your guides, angels, and teachers. Some days it might feel easy to connect, some days might not feel like it flows that easily, but keep practicing and being in a loving place of allowing.

As you progress you will be astounded by the information you receive and the ease at which you have developed this beautiful relationship. If you would like to satisfy your academic mind and also capture the beautiful messages of your angels and guides, begin by writing the messages down every time you sit down to connect. We encourage you not to judge the writing or the messages just write and love the connection. See the humor and the lightness of the answers they provide. Often some of the most profound answers are the simplest ones.

We are here in full support of each and every one of you as you move through your life and we are eager to assist all souls who ask. There is so much love and support that is ready for you if you just ask. We are here to assist and there are so many more angels and guides ready to assist each of you now in this important time of Ascension.”


  1. Lovely, thank you Holly

  2. Paula Keegan on March 5, 2012 at 9:01 am said:

    This is beautiful, I have been led to practice breathing over the last 6 months, so this was great confirmation and a reminder to continue. Thank you Holly

  3. Esther Maya on March 5, 2012 at 6:19 pm said:

    Thank you!!!!!!! Aaahh….the breath…

  4. Anonymous on September 2, 2012 at 12:19 am said:

    HI, firstly I do want to state that this piece is incredibly enlightening, however I do have one thing to point out, and this is in way a criticism but rather a suggestion. I myself do not believe in God, and by that I mean the Holy Trinity, and if I’m not mistaken Archangel Raphael, is of Judeo-Christian roots. Tat makes this post not accessible to anyone person like my self who doesn’t believe in the Archangel Raphael. However reading through the passage it states a “to each his own” sort of angle towards our guides. The passage reads, Ask for your angels, your guides, your teachers or whomever feels “right” or appropriate to call forth at this time”. I hope this is not sounding all too negative, I just wish more people were actually aware of this information, and just maybe, if the title of a post could be general enough not to create a point of discernment for people, would therefore allow for anyone and everyone to mold their set of believes to this general idea of a guide…just like you have with Archangel Raphael.

    Blessings and Regards

    • Thank you for your comment and the time you took to read and respond to the post. I appreciate your point of view and respect everyone’s internal guidance about God, Source, religion, etc. From my personal point of view, while the Angelic Realm may be spoken about by the Judeo_Christian realm, as you say, the Angelic Realm is non-denominational and exists outside of religious constructs. In my interactions, through channeling and years of meditation, I have found that the realms of spiritual guidance and insight that are available to us have little concern for our institutions and a great deal of concern for us at the Soul level.
      I appreciate your point about the title allowing access for a greater number of people if a wider reaching set of words is chosen. That is something to consider for future posts that have been channeled. I will always be authentic about the source of the information, whether it appears in the title or the body of the blog, never wishing to take credit for words and inspiration that come “through” me, but are not “of” me.
      Again, thank you for the time and thoughtful response to the post. I truly appreciate it. I am pleased that the words, regardless of the source, felt meaningful to you.

  5. Pam Edwards on September 17, 2012 at 12:24 am said:

    I Loved it and will practice it every day. I know miracles will come.

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