Akashic Records 101

Database of Knowledge

The Akashic Records are the database of all the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over our many lifetimes. They allow each and every one of us to find answers, release long held wounds, heal on all levels, and move forward to live a happier and more vibrant life. One of the beautiful aspects to being alive at this time is that the Akashic Records, which were once accessed only by the “spiritually elite”, can be accessed in a variety of ways by everyone who desires it, and all ways can be successful.

How They are Accessed

One avenue used to access the Akashic Records is through the Pathway Prayer Process, originated by Linda Howe. This is done by saying a simple, non-denominational prayer that allows you to enter the heart of the Akashic Records. You can easily learn to access your own records or you can have a reading with a trained, experienced consultant.  When you are in your own records, you are seen from the non-judgmental, unconditionally loving point of view of your Soul. During the reading you have the opportunity to ask  questions that are most important to you at that moment in time. The questions can range from the mundane to the esoteric, and all can be answered.

Asking the Questions that are Important to You

Ask questions about any area of your life that you would like to have a greater level of understanding, clarity and peace, such as your important relationships, patterns that you keep seeing repeated in your life, health and wellness concerns, financial issues, and more.  The sky is the limit on the types of questions that can be addressed in your Akashic Records; if it is about your life, then you can ask about it in your reading! The best questions will begin with How, Why and What, such as “What can I understand about my extreme fear of water?” or “Why do I always sabotage my relationships as soon as my partner gets serious?”

Buying or Selling a Home?  Ask about it in the Records!

There are many additional ways you can use the Akashic Records to enhance your life. You can access the records of any properties (home, business, or investment) that you own, rent or lease.  Find out the history of the home you are looking at buying.  What kind of person does that house want in it?  Are there unseen issues with the house that you are not aware of?  Are you and the house the right match? If you are selling your house you can go into the records to find information that would assist you in the most efficient sale with the buyer that is ready to go.

Help Your Pet in Their Records

Your pets have Akashic Records too, and accessing their records allows you to come to a greater understanding of who they are in your life.  If you are confused about their behavior, you can go in to their records to find out the cause.  Were they rescued or abandoned?  You can find out their history which can help you give them just what is needed to be free from trauma, feel safe and fully loved again.

It IS All About You!

There are few places in our lives where it is okay to be self-centered, but the Akashic Records are the one place in which it is truly “all about you”! This means that you can open your own records, the records of your pets, and any properties or businesses you have more than 50% interest or ownership.  Conversely, this means that we are not allowed snoop on others in their records!

What a Session is Like

Akashic Record Readings are a relaxed, interactive experience that can be done in person or over the phone so it does not matter where you are in the world, you can still access the information in your records. Sessions are scheduled for about 45 minutes and are recorded so that you can listen to the information in your reading more than once which increases the depth of the reading experience.  This also allows you to be free to fully participate in the reading without needing to take notes to capture all the information you are being given.

Down-to-Earth, Easily Accessible Information

Can you imagine your life free from your ongoing worries and concerns?  Can you imagine having greater ease and understanding about yourself, your loved ones and your pets? Can you imagine moving your career or your business forward by working smarter, not just harder?  The Akashic Records are a down-to-earth, easily accessible, spiritual resource that are available to all of us and they are on avenue for you to manifest all that you can envision for your life!

What are the questions in YOUR life that you would love to have the answers for?  I would love to hear your comments below!

If you are interested in finding out more about an Akashic Record reading to assist you in any of these areas of your life, please contact me, Holly Hawkins.  It is one of my greatest pleasures to read the Akashic Records for myself and others!

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