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You can begin your Soul Genesis Affiliate Journey by using one or more of the samples on this page. Simply copy the text, paste it into your email to family, friends, colleagues and your database, then paste your name and your unique affiliate code [links] into the text that were provided on your initial affiliate email. Voila!! You are done.

Soul Activations Email Example #1

Hi [Firstname],

This news is so exciting that I could not wait to share this with you! I know you are interested in profound transformation that allows you to live a joy-filled, exuberant life. We all feel so drawn to find this type of connected life. Have you heard about something new called Soul Activations? They are just the ticket to support you in finally reaching towards all that you are seeking in your life.

My friends, Paul and Holly Marwood from Soul Genesis, offer Soul Activations and I want you to know about them too!

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to live life from a more empowered place, potentially with greater happiness, truth and alignment; living more in your flow; and being more able to follow your inner guidance in life from your higher self? I have really noticed differences in my own life after receiving Soul Activations and I recommend you see what they can offer you.


Soul Activations are energetic sessions carrying unique vibratory patterns that combine sacred geometry, universal energies and your own energies, assisting you in getting to the next level of your life and your experience. Each of the Soul Activations brings a different energetic resonance to your life in a way that is natural and very powerful. And the amazing part is that they can be done in person or at a distance with equal effectiveness. It does not matter where you live in the world, you can still reap the transforming benefits of Soul Activations. What a plus!

I want to share with you a short bit about each of these Soul Activations for you to see the myriad of ways that they can begin to bring the Light into your life in new ways. I know you will benefit from these.

* The 111® Activation can bring you into greater connection with Clarity, Alignment and Authenticity with your Innermost Self.

* The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation helps you work with the energy of Conscious Manifestation. You will work with this Soul Activation to manifest anything that you desire more rapidly that is in alignment with your Purpose & your Innermost Self.

* The Golden Light Activation expands your consciousness awareness to a greater experience of love, joy and gratitude for all that is in your life.

Paul and Holly are Co-Founders of these Soul Activations and they really walk their talk – they have managed to create an international business living their soul purpose. There are so many people around the world who have experienced the benefits of these Soul Activations first hand.
I love how they talk, share and teach from an authentic, heart-felt, open and transparent place. Please look into these further. You won’t be sorry you did.


You might be thinking you don’t have time for more information, but these are lifechangers and you will be happy to took the time to find out more. You are spiritual, like me, and you want to live a more fulfilling, authentic life. They made a difference to me. I am more aligned with my Truth. I feel clearer and live a more fulfilling life since receiving each Soul Activation.

Click on the link below and see for yourself.


I’m in awe of what these Soul Activations can do… and I know you’re going to really love them too!


P.S. Paul and Holly are two rare teachers who can show you the way – and do it in a completely heart-centered, open-book, massively helpful kind of way.

Akashic Record Reading Email Example #2

Hi [Firstname],

Are you like me? Do you believe, deep in your heart, that you want to live a soul-full life, be successful doing what you want to do, and doing a lot of good for the world in the process?

I absolutely believe that. And here is some good news: I found a cutting edge, dynamic couple who have the tools to help you make that happen.

My friends, Paul & Holly Marwood from Soul Genesis, offer tools and teachings that are changing the lives of SO many people around the world in a way that’s rarely been seen before.

If you don’t know Paul and Holly, let me give you a few quick words about them:

They really walk their talk. They have created a global business, and, like me, they believe in making this world an amazing place. I really resonate with Paul & Holly, and I think you will too. Plus, I have been following them for some time now and they have made a truly remarkable change in my own life.

Both Paul & Holly are Akashic Record Readers. What are the Akashic Records? They are the record of all that you have experienced over all of your lifetimes. By exploring your Akashic Records in a reading with them you receive amazing guidance that will help you understand, heal and release the top of mind problems and patterns you are experiencing in your life – especially those ones you don’t feel you have the answers for and don’t know if you will ever find answers. Both of them are heart-centered, caring people who hold a safe, loving energy throughout all their interactions with you, especially during your Akashic Records Reading. They can do these reading both in person or at any distance via telephone or Skype. Book a 1 hour Akashic Record Reading with them. You won’t be disappointed.


Not only will you receive great information from an Akashic Record Reading, you also have the potential to completely release the problem or pattern! Just one example they shared with me is they had a client who suffered for decades with severe, chronic back pain that healed in just one Akashic Record Reading. I cannot guarantee this will be your exact experience, but they have helped thousands of clients around the world with all they offer. I know they can help you too.


Here are a couple quick video “testimonials” you might enjoy.
Denni Talking about his reading.
Michelle talking about how the Akashic Records changed her life.

Here’s the link again… stop and book a session!



P.S. Investing in receiving advice directly from the wisdom of your Soul is the right way to go because you will always get the right answers for you. This is one of the best ways to make your dreams come true. Holly and Paul are so genuine and heart-centered. They really care and want to help you.

Suggested Email Headlines To Send Out

Wow! Have you seen this yet?
REALLY excited about this…
How to create your own amazing life!
I think you’d be a perfect fit for this
I’m pretty amazed by this…
Join me in the amazing transformation I’ve just experienced…
Change your life & the world!

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