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What is a Soul Activation?

A Soul Activation is a transformational energetic process and healing modality that brings you into the frequency, and vibration of your heart and soul. This soul alignment decreases chaos and confusion and assists you in living a happier life with deeper personal fulfillment. Soul Activations you connect you to MORE giving you a greater ability to manifest whatever you desire. Specifically designed to assist you in moving forward in your personal and spiritual development, Soul Activation connects you more deeply with your heart and the guidance of your soul, empowering you to become your authentic and true self.

Is a Soul Activation a one-time event or are there many Soul Activations?

Each Soul Activation is a one time unique experience, yet there are a series of Soul Activations available. Soul Genesis is continuously expanding the Soul Activations so that these transformational processes continue to serve people as consciousness evolves. Each Soul Activation shifts your energy bringing you into a greater connection with your inner truth in a gentle, progressive way. Ultimately assisting you to make very significant positive changes in your life.

How can Soul Activations change my life?

Soul Activations can accelerate your ability to be more authentic to who you really are and make life choices that are in alignment with your unique path. Each Soul Activation deepens the connection with your heart and inner guidance, giving you greater clarity with heightened awareness to life-enhancing opportunities. This change in perspective allows you to make better choices and appropriate changes in your life that are in greater alignment with your truth and your greater success. For example, the Tree of Life Crystalline Activation also assists you to more rapidly manifest whatever you desire in your life. The Golden Light Activation assists you to move to a higher level of Consciousness, having more access to you Christ level of consciousness and unconditional Love. This is not to be directly associated with religion or Jesus Christ, but the consciousness Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Quan Yin and many more embody. Soul Activations increase overall happiness, self-confidence, greater career satisfaction, and ultimately provide you with a more fulfilling life experience.

What makes Soul Activations different from other Healing Modalities?

Soul Activations are NEW. They began coming through January 2011 to assist you in living more authentically, more from your heart and your personal truth, supporting your personal growth and allowing you to live the life of your dreams.

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