On the 1st January, while in my Akashic Records, I asked the Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones what a good focus is for 2019. I asked what I could know that would support me in living and experiencing a life filled with Joy, Fun, Trust & Ease.

I was very moved by their response and wanted to share it with all of you. I feel this is a message that transcends me. It is a great message for all of us.

Here is what they shared:

“Choice and the energy of choice is your strongest energetic ally in creating the change you desire. Choose everything and choose every moment. Choose WHAT IS! Choose the mundane. Choose your feelings – regardless of what they are in each and every moment. (Yes, that means even choosing the anger, sadness, frustration…even the unsavory emotions!)

Choose what you already choose.

See the energy of choice and an “energetic change agent”. You do not need to know all the options – which you feel like you do in your everyday life – just choose it all.

“I CHOOSE” is a potent mantra, affirmation, for 2019. When you activate the energy of choice you create a larger energetic field of possibilities around you. If choice begets possibility you will want to choose everything.

And, when you are choosing you life it means you also empower yourself to NOT CHOOSE or UN-CHOOSE those aspects of your life that are not comfortable, not aligned, outgrown, etc.

As you choose your life, or any aspect of your life, you reduce the sense of feeling victimized by life and your experiences.

Great empowerment energies magnify with CHOICE.

Choose to choose.


What has happened with this so far….

Clearly, not many days have passed since I received this message from my Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones so I am in the “early adoption” phase of shifting my focus to the energy of CHOICE.

However, I have already felt some shifts with this:

  • Even when I am doing mundane daily tasks, such as the dishes, laundry, cooking a meal, when I tell myself “I choose to do this (dishes, laundry, food prep, etc).” I find my energies lighten up, I have been more focused and I have felt an enjoyment in the moment that would not normally be there.
  • When I have had an emotional moment (the “not fun” emotions) I have also allowed myself to CHOOSE how I was feeling! WOW, that was a biggie! If I felt angry, annoyed, frustrated, sad or anything like that, I felt a huge shift when I allowed myself to CHOOSE to feel that way!
    What kind of shift? It is subtle, yet the best way I can describe it is that the CHOOSING to feel how I truly felt in the moment allowed me to release the inner struggle of “This is how I feel. Oh, you should not feel that way. Why are you activated? What is wrong with you for getting triggered…again?” I felt a release of the judgment against myself for the emotions I was experiencing.
  • The side effect of that? Was that I moved through the feelings more quickly, saw how those emotions were serving me, and I really felt like I was on my side.

This has been the gift so far….

that as I CHOOSE to see, feel, do whatever is happening in the moment I am feeling kinder to myself. I feel as if I am showing up for me. The act of choosing seems to be releasing a lot of self-judgment and self-criticism…already.

Clearly, this is a new energy to explore and I am so happy to CHOOSE to work with the energy of CHOICE this year! I am excited to see what unfolds with this potent energy of possibility.

How does this resonate with you? Does activating a greater energy of CHOICE in each and every moment feel as if it could spark a new level of life experience you have been craving?

I’d love to hear what comes up for you as you work in the field of CHOICE! Please share in the comments below.

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Holly Hawkins Marwood is an Advanced Akashic Records Instructor and Reader who is passionate about sharing the gifts and benefits of the Akashic Records with the world. She believes that everyone should know how to use this incomparable resource to help them manifest the life of their dreams. You can read more about the classes she teaches and the sessions that she and her husband, Paul Marwood, offer through their business, Soul Genesis. They work internationally and locally and offer sessions at a distance as well as in person.

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