A Message from the Akash – Your Soul Self vs Your Human Self

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels a message from the Akashic Records.

This is a channeled message from the Akashic Records. It is a deeper look into the Soul experience and perspective compared to the Human experience. Perspective Expanding!!
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Soul Self vs Human Self

By Holly Hawkins Marwood

A Message from the Akash

“As you journey through your Awakening, your healing and your personal transformation, it is important to begin to notice and create discernment between your human experiences and your Soul-Level Truth. As you notice these differences you can begin to categorize them accordingly, which allows you to move into a greater flow of Ease & Grace in every area of life. Doing so will remove the perceptions of your blocks and how you might feel doomed to live a challenged life.

Let’s look at this a bit more deeply:
In your human experience, on the planet, in this dimension, you experience polarity, or duality. This means that you experience the ups and downs of living life here: all the moments that are easy, then hard; the moments when you feel healthy, then unwell; the times when you feel on track and on purpose, then the times you feel lost. Polarity, or duality, comes part and parcel with your incarnation. Duality keeps you growing, changing and seeking more!

While you are in your “human suit”, we will call it, you will be experiencing your 3D reality through the lens of duality. And, from your human perspective, a lot of these experiences in duality are a major challenge! Let’s be honest about that. Some of these challenges seem interminable.


These are the experiences of your Human Self, not your Soul Self. Your Soul remains eternally connected with Source. Your Soul Self understands the “why” of your experiences through the lens of your Awakening, not through the lens of punishment, blocks, unresolved karma, old vows or anything of the sort. Those energies of feeling punished, blocked, having old vows or the karmic wheel nipping at your heels are human constructs. Your Soul Self dwells in the vibrations you know are possible and strive for: unconditional love, acceptance, understanding, peace, compassion and more. The core of you eternally resides in those frequencies, which is why you crave those experiences.

One of the easiest ways to begin creating a conscious separation from the limitations of your Human Self is to be able to shift your thoughts, beliefs and self-talk to clearly identify, or name, the differences with your Human Self vs. your Soul Self.

Here is an example: Perhaps you are in a challenging time in your life right now on any number of levels. You could feel challenged emotionally, physically, mentally or “all of the above”. As you notice the challenge, begin to shift your self-talk to specify what part of your experience is challenged: “My Human Self is very challenged emotionally today.” “My Human Self feels quite anxious (or insert whatever emotion you might be feeling) today.” Or “My Human Self feels very fatigued today.”

As you do this you are energetically creating an awareness that you are not only human, but there is more to you than only your human experience.

Taking it to the next level you can begin to acknowledge that there is more to you than your human experience. Do this by opening the inner conversation this way: “My Soul Self remains in the Light. My Soul Self understands my experiences and I am open to discovering the awareness from my Soul Self.” “My Soul Self exists outside of the experience of anxiety or fatigue or whatever else my Human Self is experiencing now.” Doing this expands your perceptions to include the unseen aspects of yourself and you can more closely align to them.

This is a beginning step to significantly shifting your energies relative to the ups and downs of your human experiences. As you do this you are magnifying the opening to receive the direct guidance from your Soul Self.

Enjoy playing with this as a new way to embody a positive, Soul-aligned outlook as you move through your Awakening.”


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