A Message from the Akash – Sowing Seeds

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels a message from the Akashic Records.

Watch and read to get a 2 step process to embody more of what you desire and release judgement and resistance.
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Sowing Seeds

By Holly Hawkins Marwood

A Message from the Akash

Just as spring is making way for summer, the seeds you have been sowing are making way to their next stage of life: they have been growing roots deep underground and the first sprouts are breaking through the surface of the soil, reaching up towards the sun.

The seeds you plant in the earth need to be nurtured with the optimal growing conditions, which happen with constant attention to the details of light, water, soil and nutrients. As you share your energy with these seeds, via your conscious attention, they grow, thrive and produce for you.

In your daily life you are constantly sowing seeds, both consciously and unconsciously. By making changes, visioning your next steps, and taking action to intentionally create your life are just some of the ways you consciously sow seeds. Your deep thoughts and pervasive beliefs are the seeds you are unconsciously sowing every single day.

What is fascinating about life is that these seeds, sown both consciously and unconsciously, will grow since they are being nurtured and supported in coming to full fruition in your life! Your energy, whether conscious or unconscious, is providing the nutrients for an abundant crop.

Now, take a step back and honestly evaluate what you are growing with your energy: what seeds have you sown, what seeds do you continue to nourish with the energy of your beliefs, patterns, experiences? What seeds are you nourishing with the energy of your judgement and attention?

Make a list of what you are consciously germinating in your life. What feels great, abundant and what you choose in the garden of your life? What is currently in your garden, but you would not choose to plant it the now? Perhaps these have shown up as “weeds” in the garden of your life too many times, and you wish to eradicate them.

The tendency is to feel helpless to the patterns that are deep within you and your life’s experiences. Perhaps you feel as if you have karma that keeps these patterns stuck and you’re doomed to live uncomfortably with them. You don’t have to remain stuck. There’s a way to eradicate the weeds in the garden of your life.

Here are two easy-to-apply suggestions to begin creating a flourishing life that you can cultivate in a way aligned to your heart and soul:

  1. Keep sowing the seeds of what you choose to experience in life. Focus on the qualities you wish to cultivate. Let them expand, grow and take over the garden. Your conscious intentional cultivation of your life will crowd out the weeds that you’ve experienced up until this point.

    Change can be created in your life even if there are patterns you feel have been there for eternity. You don’t have to resolve every old, outmoded pattern before you move forward! You can move forward now, with what you choose, then what is outdated will begin to recede because it’s not being nourished anymore with your energy and with your attention being solidly focused on following your dreams, desires and inner callings.

  2. Release the resistance and judgement you have towards the “weeds” in your life. Accept that they are there. Accept that these seeds were sown at the right time and place and they are simply not companionable in your current lifescape.

    Notice what was beneficial about these weeds (which show up as patterns, habits and experiences you wish would be eradicated). Is there a way that they did serve you, even if it was long ago? Can you open up to the possibility that they were beneficial even if you have no idea when that would have been?

    Resistance and judgement take energy, right? If you resisted someone pushing you over, it would take some of your energy to hold your ground. As you resist and judge what is in your life you are, literally, nourishing those seeds because that resistance takes energy! You are inadvertently tending to them so they will thrive! Your energy, attention, resistance and judgement are the nutrients of the patterns you wish to change! Take your attention away from them and they will cease to grow.

    One of the easiest ways to release resistance and judgement is this: accept that it was there for a great reason. Thank it for all it has done for you, even if you don’t know what that could have possibly been! Then, shift your focus to what you choose to cultivate! Who and what do you choose to be, do, experience, and allow? Focus on that!

    When you notice your attention shifting to resistance and judgement, lovingly take yourself back to acceptance, thank it for being there, and shift to the focus of your choice.

As you have heard before “Where attention goes, energy flows.” (T. Harv Eker). This is a succinct statement that gets straight to the point! Pay attention fully to what you wish to grow in your life: your goodness, your success, your inspiration, and your gifts. Your energy will flow there and you will reap the harvest of an amazing life!


Paul & Holly Marwood

Holly and Paul Marwood are International Akashic Records Instructors and Readers who is passionate about sharing the gifts and benefits of the Akashic Records with the world. They believe that everyone should know how to use this incomparable resource to help them manifest the life of their dreams. You can read more about the classes they teach and the sessions that they offer through their business, Soul Genesis. They work internationally and locally and offer sessions at a distance as well as in person.

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  1. Jenetta Haim on January 30, 2021 at 3:44 am said:

    Thank you so much. As usual the right words I needed to hear 🙂

    • Dear Jenetta,
      Thanks so much for watching/reading this message, glad we can help. The Akashic records are such a powerful place to get wisdom from your Soul and that higher level of consciousness.
      Wishing you a fabulous day.
      Bless you ??❤️
      Paul & Holly

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