A Message from the Akash – Soul Family and the Holidays

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels a message from the Akashic Records. This 5 minute message gives you the tools and philosophy to help you with those family challenges in the holiday season.
Try these suggestions when your family gets together, whether you all get on or not, and see how it shifts your perception and enjoyment of your time together.
Below is the transcript of this message for you to read if you prefer that.


By Holly Hawkins Marwood

A Message from the Akash
“Family shows up in all kinds of ways: through birth, marriage, adoption, friends, soul groups, and more. Family isn’t always those who you have a genetic connection with. Family can be a safe, loving space or the exact opposite!

As you move into the holidays, when family interactions are more prevalent, it’s good to understand these family, or deep, personal connections, at a level that keep you centered, strong and loving as much as possible.

Here’s the best place to begin to understand this to make the best of all of your family relationships, especially this holiday season:

Ultimately, all the significant relationships in your life are Soul Family relationships. Soul Family comes together to learn and grow, even if not always on the conscious, intentional level with everyone!

If you open to the idea that all the meaningful people in your life are there for a reason…and that reason is beneficial to you, what can you discover about yourself via these relationships?

If you have great relationships with people, it is easy to connect with the ways in which your love, safety, and fun are expanding. Begin here. Make a list of how you are growing, who you are becoming, patterns you are releasing because of all the positive relationships in your life. As you make this list relative to how these relationships are benefiting you, you are anchoring in the goodness within yourself.

You can expand all the positive attributes and expand your gratitude, not only for who you are becoming, but also for what you experience with these people. It is a very expansive to do this!

Then there are the relationships that are not easy, challenging or downright impossible. These people are still a part of your Soul Family and you grow in different ways with them, yet there is still growth. It simply comes in a different form with these individuals. Take a moment to make a similar list with these people to see who you are becoming, how you are growing and what you are releasing because of these relationships.

It can be a lot harder to find the good qualities you are cultivating via these relationships, but they are there…after all, they are Soul Family relationships!

Are you able to stand up for yourself more? Have you been getting clearer on setting boundaries or speaking your truth? Are these more challenging relationships helping you get clear on what you will allow and not allow in your life’s experience? Have you developed a strong sense of independence since these people have been part of this life with you?

Take some time and notice who you are becoming through all of your Soul Family relationships. As soon as you begin to see who you are becoming through the challenging ones as well as the great ones, you will begin to feel better about yourself, feel less judgment towards them, and find a new ease when you are interacting with them.

If you take the time to celebrate who you are becoming through these relationships…all of them…you will be in so much more gratitude which is an incredible energy field to live within!

Note from Holly: If you have Soul Family relationships that are harmful in any way to you, please know this message is not saying you must interact or do any work directly with them. You take care of you in any way you need to for safety and security!

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