3 Steps to Embody & Experience the LOVE you crave! – Ishtara

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels Ishtara.


“Love is one of the most sought-after commodities in your world at this time, and yet it seems to be one of the most elusive! Many live their life feeling that love has forgotten them, it is for others, or that love is not reciprocated in any kind of meaningful way.

You have heard this: songs have been sung, books have been written, courses have been developed and taken, people have sought Love unceasingly over the millennia. The craving for Love is deep and intrinsic to each of you, and the paradox is that it is who you are already! So how can Love be elusive when it is intrinsically part of every moment, every breath, every interaction, every experience, and every thought?

What could be said here today is that Love, as a constant presence, is waiting to be discovered, waiting to be seen, witnessed and experienced as completely as it already exists!

Now is the time and today is the day to step into trusting that Love is here for you with unwavering certainty. Instead of Love being a mystery, let’s create a new avenue, or pathway, to Love.

Here are some steps to embodying and experiencing the love you crave so you truly live in the vortex of Love, which is your essence. It truly is.

  1. Take a moment to close your eyes, center in your core, breathe completely and fully with a relaxed belly. Feel and observe the inflow and outflow of your breath. This focuses you on you, on your body and in the present moment. From this centered, present moment space move onto the next steps.

  3. Seek Love inside of you first. Loving yourself begins with seeking evidence of your love: towards others, the world, and (most importantly) yourself. As you seek and find the love you already are, you magnify your experience of love. You find Love in all the nooks and crannies of your life’s experiences.
    As you discover the Love you already are, then you unleash it into your world. You become a vortex of Love. Love becomes a stronger force in your own experience and you will be a lighthouse emanating love into your world in all directions.

  5. Steps to Discovering Your Love:
    1. Assume it is there. Some might say to “trust” that Love is there, but how can you trust something that is elusive at this moment? Shift your focus to assume love is there to be discovered. Your choice to assume love is there makes it more discoverable!
    2. You do not have to be perfect to discover and embody love. The belief that one needs to release wounds, be “more perfect”, or change themselves in anyway to be a receiver and giver of love is a distortion and a distraction keeping you from your inherent nature of love.

      Choose to release any feelings of unworthiness or being broken to love. Assume you are worthy to be and experience Love without any requirement to change in this moment.

    3. Open to All the Love Now Present: If you assume Love is there, in your life and in your field already, and you release the compulsion to feel you need to change in order to discover Love, then your next step is to open to all the ways you have the experience of love now.

      One of the best ways to do this is to get curious.

      Curious people ask questions, so begin asking lots of questions. But this is a new kind of question: it is an unanswered question!

      Unanswered questions open your energy field, mind and experience to invite in more of what you are curious about! Unanswered questions shift your focus in positive ways.

      Instead of being curious about all the ways love has been elusive, become very curious about all the ways you embody love, all the ways you receive love, and all the ways that love is already present, yet has been unrecognized up until now.

      Begin asking open-ended questions. Open-ended questions open your energy field, open you to new experiences and new outcomes even without the need for an answer. Questions open you up. The answers bring you to a conclusion. At this point you do not need conclusions. You need a new experience, which is available through an open, expansive energy field

      Here are some open-ended questions designed to expand your experience of your love:

      1. I wonder how I can love myself in this moment?
      2. How can I love myself today? What can I do to show up for myself in the space and energy of love?
      3. I am curious about how I will feel when I truly love myself.
      4. I wonder how much more I can love and appreciate myself today and how much better I will feel about me?
      5. I am curious about how my vortex of self-love will positively impact others? Isn’t it fun to think about how my love for myself can be a catalyst for others?
      6. I wonder if seeking a bigger experience of the love that is already in my experience can improve every moment of my life?

Open to your Divine Love. It is there. As your experience of your love expands, you become a vortex of love. Love will radiate from you and you will become magnetic to the experience and embodiment of love in untold ways!

You are seen and known in Love. Love is who you are. Love is the Fabric of the Universe.”
This is a message from Ishtara, a beautiful being of unconditional love, universal wisdom and unending guidance for those who resonate with her messages. She and Holly have been consciously and intentionally working together in this lifetime since 2011, but have been together in many realms, physical and non-physical, for millennia.
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