2016 a better year – Part 1

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Looking back, how was 2015 for you?
Was it a challenging year?
Has life felt more challenging lately?

Do you find yourself saying,
“I wish there was an easier way to do this”,
“Why can’t I manifest an easier solution to this situation?”

You might even feel dumb-founded or helpless to find a solution that feels like a better experience of your life.

I am here to tell you that life can be different for you! There is something that is available to you now that will assist you in feeling and experiencing your life from an empowered point of view, that will support you to positively manifest different outcomes to situations, events and even your feelings about life to be better than you ever expected!

Let’s start at the beginning…

I am sure you realize that you are a Divine being. Your Soul is a being of light that is ever evolving, and as part of your journey you have chosen to come to the world of density to experience contrast and duality. What I mean by duality is the experience of contrast: good/bad, happy/sad, high/low and more.

The reason your Soul has chosen to come to this dense dimension of duality is to experience rapid immense growth. For a divine light being that can do, experience and manifest at the speed of thought, duality represents quite a challenge as things are much slower here.

For example, say you dream about being a successful dancer for many years, you need to train and strengthen your body, you need to learn and practice all the physical positions, and moves. You need to perfect this while dealing with many challenges. All the while, holding the dream of being a great dancer. Only those that hold that dream pure and keep progressing towards their goal with unfaltering dedication and determination get to experience the pinnacle of being a great dancer.

Remember in the world of your Soul there is no experience of good/bad, success/failure, there are only experiences. Each of us are UNIQUE Souls uniquely expressing Source so our journies will be unique and different. We gather experiences and resources along the way and, for the most part, wisdom in what we align with and what we do not align with.

So whether you reach being a Prima Ballerina Assoluta or not is perfectly ok with your Soul. What matters is what your experiences are along the way, how your Soul can grow from these experiences and the clarity that is obtained in what resonates with you and what does not.

You know when you find something that you are vibrationally aligned with: you LIGHT UP, you LOVE what you are doing, you enjoy every moment of the experience on all levels. You feel good, uplifted, light-hearted and excited.

Why is this so??

I will talk about this more in the next post.Paul

I love you, I love all that you are, I love and appreciate ALL of you

Paul Marwood

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