111® Activation – What changes have I experienced

What is the 111 Activation?


The 111 Activation is an experience that assists us in moving forward in our lives, in our life path, in our ascension. Some changes can be felt immediately but their true effects unfold over time. An example of this is our authenticity. We may experience it immediately but being authentic to ourselves has an ongoing effect on our lives, and the people with whom interact. The greater positive effect of this is often seen months later.

How Did the 111 Activation Affect Me?

I received my 111™ Activation over 19 months ago. Since that time, I have no regrets and only more positive results to share. Some of the more obvious changes I have noticed since my 111 Activation are:

  • I am clearer on my life path
  • I have a much better connection to my higher self and trust the guidance that is given to me to assist me in every aspect of my life.
  • Increased Intuitive ability – I have a greater level of knowingness. I know information about all kinds of things that I would never have known before.
  • I am much more easily able to go into a deeper meditation. The space I am in while meditating is usually such a loving peaceful place of beingness and connectedness. This feeling is so wonderful, I often try to hold on to it throughout my day.
  • My ability to channel and communicate with my guides has increased to the point that I can tune into my guides and receive fairly clear images, knowingness, or guidance of what they are communicating to me in that moment.
  • My initial dominant psychic sense was claircognizance, however now my clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience is really becoming apparent. I am seeing auras, angels and non-physical beings, energy flowing and energy connections between people. The Love in what I now see often moves me so deeply that I find it difficult to hold back tears of joy.
  • I have grown on my life path of being a spiritual leader and my ability to present high-level spiritual concepts in approachable ways to all types of people.

These are just a few of the many changes I have noticed since my 111 Activation, and I can honestly say I have no negative ones. However, everyones experiences will be different as we are all different. A list of the more common experiences people have reported can be found here.

I encourage you the reader to ask questions or comment on what your experiences are since receiving the 111™ Activation.

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Love and Blessings

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