111 Activation – Clarity, Alignment, Authenticity, Wisdom and a Better Life

111 Activation bringing you to a greater level of Clarity Alignment and Authenticity with who you are.

If you were to stand in front of two doors: one door labeled “HAPPINESS” and the other door labeled “FRUSTRATION”, which door would you choose? Of course, everyone would choose the Happiness door. The reality is that at any time in your life, when you are not happy, you have chosen a door other than happiness. If you take full responsibility for your life, then you are completely in charge of your life at every moment. There will always be a few “pebbles in your path”, but with the right attitude nothing sets you back for any length of time.

Negative Attitude and Perspective

For all the things we do in our lives we can perform them with a variety of attitudes. We can simplify this example and just look at negative and positive attitudes. The same task can be done with a completely different energy and with completely different results depending on your attitude.
Take doing the grocery shopping. Everyone does this at some point. Most people don’t like grocery shopping. There is the drudgery of it, the expense, the hassle of the traffic, shuffling down isles, screaming kids, standing in queue’s in busy supermarkets, the expensive grocery bill, more traffic, carrying the heavy bags into the house, on and on and on………….

Positive Attitude and Perspective

Looking at the same situation with a different perspective. Instead of feeling upset and frustrated you can think to yourself, “Hmmmm I wonder what tasty things I can get today? I have this really terrific recipe I want to do tonight so I can use this opportunity to get the fresh ingredients and make a really terrific dinner for my family!”. Or you could think to yourself, “What a great reason to get out of the house and go for a drive! I might even take a different, more scenic, route to the supermarket today. I wonder what interesting people I will run into today?” While you do the shopping you feel light and happy and the people around you pick up on this. You smile and they smile back. You are both happy and feeling happier. There is no drudgery. You might bump into someone and when you smile at him or her that will possibly make their day. You might strike up a friendly conversation and who knows where that will lead? With an open heart and open eyes you notice more around you, people, groceries, events, colors, smells, and funny things. “Look at all these choices! Oh, I have never tried this before, it looks tasty, I’ll get it and try it.” Politely asking someone for some help, they respond in like and are happy to help you. You see a new shirt or dress and think “Cool, I like that. I might keep an eye out for that in the shops.” While waiting in the queue you observe many things that, in reality, are quite amusing. You can chat to the person in front of you and they are so pleased to get out of their drudgery mode. When you get home you get to say hi to the neighbor, the kids are home and you can tell them you bought them something great for dinner and ask them to give you a hand to bring the groceries in.

The action is the same but the experience is completely different based on your attitude.

How can the 111 Activation help me to make these changes?

The 111 Activation allows you to move more into your heart, become more authentic (for example, you don’t go around stewing about all the things that you could or should have done today, or didn’t say and then feel frustrated about people not appreciating you). After receiving the 111 Activation most people experience a higher-level perspective, greater ease in releasing old patterns, an increase in intuition, clarity and self-awareness. All of these attributes individually, or combined, make it easier for you to have a brighter outlook and attitude to ALL that you do in your life. Your can live with a greater bias towards love and you “Lighten Up”!

I appreciate your thoughts on this and encourage you to leave your comment for all to see and discuss.

If you wish to make positive changes in your life and have a more enjoyable life, no matter your situation, please email us or contact Paul Marwood on 760 803 2338 or Holly Hawkins Marwood on 760 803 4297 to book a 111 Activation. We can perform the 111 Activation in person or at a distance.

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